urges halt of THAAD deployment in ROK

Highlights: China urges halt of THAAD deployment in ROK

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    Chinese FM warns of adverse impact on Korean Peninsula by THAAD deployment

    Wang stressed that China advocates denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, supports maintenance of peace and stability on the peninsula, and seeks to resolve issues through dialogue and consultation.

  • 2016-07-26

    China urges halt of THAAD deployment in ROK

    China on Wednesday urged the United Statesand the Republic of Korea (ROK) to halt the the deployment of a U.S.The THAAD deployment would gravely damage the strategic balance in the region as well as the strategic security interests of countries in the region including China, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told a routine press briefing.

  • 2016-07-26

    THAAD's defense effect in S.Korea may be exaggerated

    military bases in South Korea, differing from the government's claim that it is aimed at protecting South Korean people.  "The main reason for the THAAD's deployment on the Korean peninsula is to protect U.S.

  • 2016-07-26

    S.Korea to deploy U.S. missile defense system to southeastern region

    South Korea's defense ministry on Wednesday announced an agreement with the United States to deploy the U.S.missile defense system, called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), to its southeastern region despite continued oppositions from neighboring countries.

East Asia needs partners, not meddlers

The Asia-Pacific boasts the world's most dynamic economies, highly lucrative markets and captivating cultural diversity. It could well become the future of the world.Starting from Sunday, foreign ministers of the East Asia Summit countries will be under the same roof in the Laotian capital of Vientiane for a series of meetings. The coming days are a chance for the top diplomats to start engaging in damage control after the recent null and void award on the South China Seaarbitration, a blow to peace and stability in the region.more>>
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